Cytokeratin 13

Cytokeratin 13

Ref: AP10163C – Clone: KS-1A3 – Host: Mouse – Method: P – Format: Concentrated

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Cytokeratins comprise a diverse group of intermediate filament proteins (IFPs) that are expressed as pairs in both keratinized and non-keratinized epithelial tissue. Cytokeratins play a critical role in differentiation and tissue specialization and function to maintain the overall structural integrity of epithelial cells. Cytokeratins are useful markers of tissue differentiation, which is directly applicable to the characterization of malignant tumors. For example, Cytokeratins 10 and 13 are expressed highly in a subset of squamous cell carcinomas while Cytokeratin 18 is expressed in a majority of adenocarcinomas and basal cell carcinomas.

Clone: KS-1A3
Isotype: IgG1
Immunogen: Cultured A431 cells from a human epidermoid carcinoma of the vulva.
Staining pattern: Cytoplasmic.
Positive control: Tissue sample from skin.

This antibody is designed for the specific localization of human cytokeratin 13 using IHC techniques in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections.