Caldesmon HMW (High Molecular Weight)

Caldesmon HMW (High Molecular Weight)

Ref: AP10065 – Clone: h-CALD – Host: Mouse – Method: P – Format: Ready to use

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Caldesmon is a developmentally regulated protein involved in smooth muscle and nonmuscle contraction. Two closely related variants of human caldesmon have been identified which differ in their eletrophoretic mobility and cellular distribution. The h-caldesmon variant (120-150kDa) is predominantly expressed in smooth muscle whereas l-caldesmon (70-80kDa) is found in nonmuscle tissue and cells. Neither  of the two variants has been detected in skeletal muscle.

Clone: h-CALD

Isotype: IgG1/kappa

Immunogen: Crude human uterus extract.

Staining pattern: Cytoplasmic.

Positive control: Tissue sample from uterus.


This antibody is designed for the specific localization of human caldesmon HMW using IHC techniques in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections.

This antibody may be useful for the study of muscle contraction and is a useful marker of neoplasms of smooth muscle. Is not expressed on cells or tumors myofibroblast derived therefrom. The cases of nodular fasciitis, fibromatosis, and myofibroblastic sarcomas are negative for h-caldesmon.