Ref: AP10353 – Clone: E17 – Host: Rabbit – Method: P,F – Format: Ready to use

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This antibody against Bcl-2 detects neoplastic follicles in follicular lymphomas but is consistently negative in reactive germinal centres. Consequently staining of Bcl-2 in lymph node biopsies is a useful test in differentiation of reactive and neoplastic follicular proliferation. This antibody may also be used in distinguishing between those follicular lymphomas that express Bcl-2 protein and the small number of cases in which the neoplastic cells are Bcl-2 negative. Additionally, certain investigations have shown that Bcl-2 has shown promise as a prognostic marker in case of breast carcinomas and non-small cell lung carcinomas.

Clone: E17
Isotype: IgG
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to residues between BH3 and BH4 of human Bcl-2.
Staining pattern: Cytoplasmic.
Positive control: Tissue sample from tonsil lymph node.

This antibody is designed for the specific localization of human Bcl-2 using IHC techniques in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections.
This antibody can be used on the distinction between follicular lymphomas expressing Bcl-2 protein and the few cases in which neoplastic cells are Bcl-2 negative.