Is a biotechnology provider company of reliable and innovative products and services for the international Life‐Science and Diagnostic market in the fields of Molecular Biology, Diagnostic Pathology and Cytology. Our focus is to offer products and services that help to advance the diagnosis of disease. We are specialized in marketing of a full line of bio-products reagents and consumables for the laboratories of Anatomy and Pathological Cytology and research laboratories. We distribute purified antibodies for Immunohistochemistry and Flow Cytometry, Stainings for Histopathology, assay development reagents, Kits and reagents for analysis and diagnostic and reagents for PCR.
IHC Antibodies
All our diagnostic primary antibodies are available
in Concentrated and in Ready-to use format.
Detection Systems
Gennova antibodies & Detection Systems are optimized to provide maximum signal with minimun background.
Special Stains